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Our Services

Wholesale Voice Termination
Are you interested in A-Z and wholesale voice termination at the best market rates? You are in the right place. We provide stable CLI, Non-CLI and TDM routes worldwide at the best price-quality ratio on the market. With proven excellence in the telecom industry, we have the capacity and resources to tackle the expansion needs of wholesale telecoms service providers of any size. We are as always dedicated to expanding our network, purchasing new routes and raising the standard of our services.
Retail and Telecom CLI Routes
Comms Africa provides premium quality termination and Telecom CLI routes worldwide. Through the years, we have proved to be an experienced, reliable, and innovative Retail telecom service provider. We understand how important is to provide the called party with the right Caller ID. Our team believes, that in today’s telecom environment, reputation is not only what sets companies apart but also what keeps them in the business in the long run. We value our reputation enormously. This is why we are flexible in our approach and never compromise on quality.
Call Center Routes
Our network is optimised for termination of high volumes of CC traffic. We use carrier-grade MediaCore SBC as our primary platform, which allows us to dedicate the needed capacity for smooth handling of the high Calls per Second (CPS) rates and low Average Call Duration (ACD) typical for Call Centre traffic.

Our dedicated team of account managers and engineers can quickly find the CLI Call Center routes with the specific parameters required by each client. We place a strong emphasis on supplying our clients only with superior-quality call center routes at competitive prices. We are able to achieve this thanks to the high number of active interconnections we have established. Our reputation is of utmost importance. This is why we always pay on time and adopt a flexible approach with each partner.